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User Privacy Policy: We are committed to protecting users' privacy. We maintain reasonable physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect your Personal Information.

Disclosure to Third Parties: We do not sell, rent, lease or disclose your Personal Information to unaffiliated entities.

The only personal data our apps collect is your email (if you voluntarily provide it) and under no circumstance do we share this with third parties.

Questions: If you have questions about our Privacy Policy or if you do not understand any information about how we collect, maintain, or use your Personal Information, you may contact us directly by sending an email to info@gabysoft.com.

We encourage you to check this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use Agreement often for updates.

This privacy policy applies to the following GabySoft apps:

FlipPix Art - AgesFlipPix Art - CastleFlipPix Art - Civilizations
FlipPix Art - Country LifeFlipPix Art - DollhouseFlipPix Art - Fair
FlipPix Art - GamesFlipPix Art - HolidaysFlipPix Art - Home
FlipPix Art - InventionsFlipPix Art - JurassicFlipPix Art - Kids
FlipPix Art - LostFlipPix Art - Magic WorldsFlipPix Art - Main Street
FlipPix Art - MallFlipPix Art - Model PlaneFlipPix Art - Museum
FlipPix Art - NatureFlipPix Art - Parks & GardensFlipPix Art - Professions
FlipPix Art - SchoolFlipPix Art - ShopsFlipPix Art - Simple Pleasures
FlipPix Art - SportsFlipPix Art - Town SquareFlipPix Art - Treasure
FlipPix Art - WildlifeFlipPix Art - Wildlife 2FlipPix Art - Zoo
FlipPix FreeFlipPix Jigsaw - AgateFlipPix Jigsaw - Bridges
FlipPix Jigsaw - CarouselFlipPix Jigsaw - ChinaFlipPix Jigsaw - Dragons
FlipPix Jigsaw - Eye CandyFlipPix Jigsaw - GlaciersFlipPix Jigsaw - Great Britian
FlipPix Jigsaw - LavenderFlipPix Jigsaw - Living ColorFlipPix Jigsaw - Nesting
FlipPix Jigsaw - New YorkFlipPix Jigsaw - NotesFlipPix Jigsaw - Paris
FlipPix Jigsaw - PosiesFlipPix Jigsaw - RetroFlipPix Jigsaw - Sail Away
FlipPix Jigsaw - San FranciscoFlipPix Jigsaw - Small WorldFlipPix Jigsaw - Spicy
FlipPix Jigsaw - Stained GlassFlipPix Jigsaw - The BeansFlipPix Jigsaw - Time
FlipPix Jigsaw - UpFlipPix Jigsaw - WalkFlipPix Jigsaw - Zapatos
FlipPix Travel - Costa RicaFlipPix Travel - GermanyFlipPix Travel - Greece
FlipPix Travel - Spain
HexLogic - ButerfliesHexLogic - CandyHexLogic - Carnival
HexLogic - CollageHexLogic - Eat Cake!HexLogic - Electric Summer
HexLogic - Eye CandyHexLogic - EyesHexLogic - Fans
HexLogic - FlowersHexLogic - GardensHexLogic - Handfuls
HexLogic - HatsHexLogic - Hot AirHexLogic - Koi Pond
HexLogic - LanternsHexLogic - LifeguardHexLogic - Mosaics
HexLogic - QuiltsHexLogic - RainbowHexLogic - Reed Flute Cave
HexLogic - ReptilesHexLogic - SeashellsHexLogic - Spices
HexLogic - Stained GlassHexLogic - StepsHexLogic - Umbrellas
HexLogic - UnderseaHexLogic - WeaveHexLogic - Zoo

This Privacy Policy was last modified on May 27, 2021 and is effective immediately.

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